Written by

Jeremy Battles

March 18, 2021

What is FilingRamp?

Written by

Jeremy Battles

March 18, 2021

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FilingRamp is a SaaS company with a software platform that helps insurance companies create, manage and analyze filings. Whenever a new product comes along that is an industry disruptor like FilingRamp, there are always questions that follow. “What is it?”, “How does it work?”, ”Is it legitimate?”, or “Is it hard to adapt it into my business practices?”

Let’s get a few of these pressing questions answered for you and offer some background and insight.

The Initial Problem

All U.S. insurance companies use SERFF, which is the System for Electronic Rates & Forms Filing, for the submission of insurance filings to the various state insurance departments. It provided companies with many benefits and vastly improved the filing process at the time, but was never developed to serve all the needs of the industry. That’s how the idea for FilingRamp was inspired.

How FilingRamp Solves It

FilingRamp is an independent SaaS technology application that is fully integrated with SERFF through its 2-way API, but is also, as much as possible, decoupled from SERFF. The application allows companies to submit filings faster (hours to days, faster), track them easier, and unlock all of their filing data for searching, sorting, and reporting. SERFF is down? No problem, FilingRamp is up! A state deletes a filing from SERFF? No problem, again! FilingRamp backs up all of your filings in the cloud.

How FilingRamp is Different

FilingRamp was created by a team of software developers and insurance industry experts to develop software—rather than to be a feature of an actuarial or consulting firm. Making software for the insurance industry is our core mission.

FilingRamp’s platform was developed for the cloud. It is fast, scalable, fault-tolerant, and accessible on desktops and mobile devices, creating a work experience for insurance companies that is more aligned with today’s digital work world.

We have a rolling deployment process, so features are released whenever they are done—sometimes multiple times a week. Customers don’t have to wait months for “big” releases.

Our Relationship with Our Customers

Our development process is transparent and customer focused. We demo new ideas early and often, showing customers our ideas and progress in a transparent way. We start with design sketches, then move to web mock-ups with static data, then on to full-fledged features and deployment. At each point, we show customers what we’re doing and collect feedback, which allows us to move quickly while ensuring we’re developing features that customers love.

We really listen to our customers so we can provide the exact care and tech they need.

FilingRamp also is very hands-on with the onboarding process. This allows companies to get started fast or transfer over from an old system without any downtime.

Use FilingRamp

Do you think FilingRamp would be a good SaaS product for your business? We think so, too. Set up a demo with us so we can show you firsthand our beautifully designed interface and all the benefits of using us—and how we can fit into your business model more specifically. For a glimpse and preview, check out our blog post here. To schedule that demo today, contact us at info@filingramp.com.

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