Introducing FilingRamp’s 2-Way API

May 10, 2021

FilingRamp is excited to share that we are the only software with the SERFF 2-way API. This secret sauce of FilingRamp’s allows insurance companies to submit filings faster through a modern, user-friendly process.

This capability has been promised to the industry for several years—and we delivered. We know how valuable time is and we’ve worked hard to ensure that we quickly deliver solutions that prioritize your time as well.

With FilingRamp, our customers can submit  countrywide projects faster. We mean hours or days faster. Faster submissions means faster approvals. Users are free to focus on more pressing parts of their business while FilingRamp reduces the backlog of paperwork, keeping approvals flowing.

FilingRamp enables insurance companies to sell their products more quickly - thanks to the transparency, technology, and speed that the service offers.

FilingRamp transforms the archaic process for insurance submissions and approvals into a modern, simplified one. And even if SERFF is down, you can still prepare your countrywide filing projects on FilingRamp. Our partners and our users are our priority and we ensure that they can communicate easier together.

FilingRamp was founded by Jeremy Battles, Tom Johnson, John Battles and Kevin Purcell. Jeremy, John, and Kevin bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance compliance industry while Tom brings experience developing modern, scalable, internet platforms. Jeremy’s original vision for a modern, efficient, and beautiful way of submitting and handling filings was something that he had imagined and brainstormed for nearly a decade. He showed Tom his initial sketches over dinner at their favorite Brooklyn bar, pitched a partnership to make FilingRamp a reality, and the rest is history.