Written by

Jeremy Battles

May 11, 2021

FilingRamp: From a Handshake at a Bar, to Setting the Bar High

Written by

Jeremy Battles

May 11, 2021

An initial idea of a company can spark from many places. A brief thought, a less-than-ideal experience, or clear visibility into an opportunity where something innovative is needed. Inspiration is born in many ways.

Whether those first steps of kicking an idea off the ground are taken due to gaps noticed in markets, a passion to better an industry from personal experience, or a desire to build something new and different from scratch—there is always a story. And FilingRamp has a good one.

FilingRamp CEO, Jeremy Battles has worked in the insurance industry for twenty years where he handled the filing process for dozens of insurance companies. Jeremy had been using SERFF since its infancy for submitting filings electronically and had imagined a different, more efficient way of submitting them for a very long time. He understood firsthand where improvements could be made. He was the case study and ideal customer for the product he was inspired to create.

Jeremy decided he was up for the challenge of updating an out-of-date process of submitting filings and working with others to get them approved. With countless industries finding ways to simplify their businesses with technology, he knew it was the direction the insurance industry needed to follow as well.

Jeremy tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and started sketching his vision in greater and greater detail. He eventually called his cousin Tom Johnson, now FilingRamp’s CTO, for drinks at their favorite Brooklyn bar, Walter’s. He looked forward to catching up with his cousin, but also had an ulterior motive of pitching the idea to him. And what better way to pitch an idea to a friend for a potential business than over drinks? Tom brought decades of experience in building internet software and large SaaS platforms that are used by millions of customers worldwide.  Jeremy knew his skills were invaluable and that he would be a great partner and asset to help grow this initial idea into something real.

So there at Walter’s, Jeremy showed Tom his initial sketches of what is now FilingRamp. To give him even more insight into why this idea was gold, he showed him the current solutions that the industry was using for their filing process, and how there was definitely a market for this product.

Initial project page sketch.

Initial state page sketch.

This idea could solve a major problem in a multi-billion dollar industry. Being a part of such an opportunity is a no-brainer, right?


After discussing the idea, solutions, and potential, Tom was in and they cheersed over Jeremy’s IPA and Tom’s sidecar. That clink closed the deal on an industry disrupting idea that is just getting started.

There are a lot of ingredients that can make the recipe for success. FilingRamp has all of them with Jeremy’s experience and ideas, Tom’s software developing talents, and an industry ripe for disruption.

Any other ingredients, you ask? A crisp IPA and a classic sidecar.

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