Written by

Jeremy Battles

December 15, 2021

FilingRamp: 2021 Year in Review

Written by

Jeremy Battles

December 15, 2021

As we move closer to 2022, we can’t help but look back on all that was accomplished in 2021. As the world has continued to adjust to a pandemic, we have managed to safely grow FilingRamp, make new connections, and help reinvent how the insurance industry does its filings.

Needless to say, we are proud of the big year we’ve had and excited to share a recap of the highlights - as well as things to look forward to.

Milestones and Data

Some notable milestones in 2021 included:

  • 1,000% growth in annual recurring revenue
  • 100% uptime
  • Maintained 0% churn rate
  • Over 1,000 filings submitted from FilingRamp

New Features

FilingRamp had over 100 releases in 2021, which included new features such as:

  • SERFF 2-Way API which enables companies to submit filings hours or days faster than SERFF alone.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting Version 1 was released. This reporting feature offers new filters (with many more coming!) and allows users to unlock and see their data in new ways.
  • Organizer feature that significantly improves the onboarding process and simplifies organizing filings.

Conferences and Networking

The world has definitely adjusted to working remotely and staying productive, however, that face-to-face human connection just can’t be replicated. We are very grateful we had the opportunity to attend our first conferences this year to meet some customers and spread the word (and some swag) about FilingRamp.

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Here are some of the events we attended (and a big thank you to all of your who stopped by our booths to say hello):

  • NAMIC Annual Convention in Nashville

  • AICP Annual Conference in San Diego from which we left and drove through the desert to …

  • Las Vegas for InsureTech Connect (ITC)

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Growing Our Team

Speaking of the importance of people, our customers aren’t the only ones we invest in. We also are committed to investing in our employees as well and we are prioritizing growing our team. We have hired more premier talent to help uphold the goals and mission of FilingRamp and have more roles in the immediate pipeline to fill!

Looking Ahead…

We have even more exciting things on the docket as we continue to grow in 2022, including:

  • Opening up FilingRamp to integrations with our REST API
  • New game-changing Circular feature
  • Workflow feature enhancement
  • Product Development tools

Sound intriguing? We think so too and look forward to sharing all these exciting additions to FilingRamp.


We are grateful for every customer, supporter, and employee who has helped make our FilingRamp journey so successful, excitingand bright. As our CEO Jeremy Battles says, “We are always looking to listen to our users to understand their current work processes and how FilingRamp can help. In fact, many of our best ideas have come from our customers.”

And if this post is your first time visiting us and we have struck your interest, please contact us at info@filingramp.com for more information or to schedule a demo!

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