Written by

Jeremy Battles

December 19, 2022

2022: FilingRamp’s Year in Review

Written by

Jeremy Battles

December 19, 2022

As we prepare to bid our farewells to 2022, we look back on this year fondly—and with much gratitude. Building FilingRamp and watching it continue to expand in benefits and aptitude has been an extraordinary experience. And this year, there has especially been some remarkable changes and growth. Check it out:


FilingRamp has continued growing our community throughout 2022. This year was extra notable for us in that we truly achieved industry recognition. Watching that evolution of our brand and product has been exciting and motivating. 

Our successes are in large part to our dedicated and growing team and, of course, our devoted customers. We are so appreciative of all who have invested their time, expertise, and trust in us. We couldn’t build the momentum we have without such amazing partners and contributors.


While FilingRamp is located in New York City, it has been a global company since its inception. With the restrictions on international travel ending, 2022 offered multiple opportunities for some of the developers abroad to visit the NYC office and team and celebrate years of hard work and accomplishments. It was wonderful to have an experience to connect in-person and thank them for all their hard work.

Of course, and it goes without saying, that means some great food and cocktails at our unofficial second office, Walter's, which, as you may remember, holds a very special place in FilingRamp’s heart and our company’s history.

img 7399


We’ve expanded our capabilities with our Slack and Teams integrations. This has allowed our users to communicate more efficiently and pull in those users who need to contribute to an objection response, but are not logged into FilingRamp at that precise moment.

In addition, Verisk’s Mozart Form Composer® has given a whole new user base access to all the fantastic benefits of using FilingRamp, like:

  • End-to-end forms solution
  • Full integration with SERFF (2-way API)
  • Ability to analyze, develop, and submit forms in a single workflow

(We aren’t stopping there either—there are more integrations to come in 2023!)

New Features:

New integrations weren’t the only thing we had up our sleeve this year! We added plenty of new features to further build our software into an all-encompassing communication medium, on top of its other functionalities. 

With this came many features including Objections which:

  • Keeps all messaging, team tags, notifications, and objection letters/responses in one spot
  • Integrates with Slack and Teams for faster and easier communication
  • Cuts confusing emails and cross functional tasks out of the equation
  • Increases the ability to hit deadlines, resulting in faster approvals

We rounded out our 2-way SERFF API functionality by adding amendments, notes to reviewer, and post-submission updates.

We also created a new and improved Project Page. Our goal for these improvements was to end the days of tracking filings in spreadsheets where filings data is entered manually. The improved page includes:

  • New filings report that contains all vital details of the filings within the project and can be downloaded as a CSV file
  • Ability for companies to see the state-by-state status of every single unique form, rate, and rule within the project (and can also be downloaded as CSV)
  • Additional territories to the map (D.C., USVI, Puerto Rico, Guam)

Additionally, our Reporting feature was revamped so that:

  • Nearly every single field in SERFF is now filter
  • All filters support partial match
  • Users can produce reports on nearly anything 
  • Reports can be downloaded to CSV or JSON

Users can now truly unlock all of their filing data including any custom data that’s been added to their filings.

And of course, we can’t forget our significantly improved Search Bar. This addition:

  • Already supported full PDF search, but it now supports global search of all the metadata in a filing (i.e., every single field in SERFF) 
  • Highlights exactly where your result appears

Not only did this create an easier experience, but it increased time efficiency and also decreased frustration in locating things like past objections or specific language found in forms. It’s hard to compete with a top-of-the-line search bar when you are on deadline.

Last, but not least, our Organizer feature significantly sped up and improved our onboarding process and simplifies organizing filings into custom product and project containers.


We were thrilled to get back out there to talk face-to-face with other industry professionals. We loved being able to chat about all the exciting new features and share what is coming up for FIlingRamp. We headed to AICP Miami, ITC Vegas, and Target Markets (TMPAA) in both Boston (mid-year) and Scottsdale (annual summit). 

img 6686

Looking Ahead:

We have more up our sleeve planned for 2023, like:

  • Refactoring of our Forms/Rates/Rules Library, which will introduce game changing functionality
  • Our Circulars feature
  • More detailed user roles
  • Expanded API functionality for Life, A&H filings
  • Analytics
  • Additional Integrations

We can’t wait to roll these out and further expand our opportunities and footprint within the FilingRamp software and the insurance industry.


As we close this post and the year, we want to again thank all of you who have taken this journey with us. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are ready to tackle another great year with you by our sides. Stay tuned because we are only just getting started! 

May you and yours be healthy and well this holiday season. Cheers to a successful 2023 for all!

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