Written by

Jeremy Battles

February 24, 2023

Data Importing Made Easy with FilingRamp

Written by

Jeremy Battles

February 24, 2023

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In the insurance industry, data is a constant—and we collect a lot of it.

Over the years, how we store our data for filings has evolved. The changes in processes and software over time has often caused historical data to get lost in the shuffle. This has caused quite a few headaches, to say the least.

It’s not only with work that we deal with these kinds of issues either, but with almost every digital device we own. Our lives are inundated with data—emails, pictures, videos, etc. There is only so much space—and digital organization is not always user-friendly.

However, FilingRamp has a solution for all types of data importing, including from Oracle Tracker and from any scanned filings. This means any clogged or lost historical data that you may be missing in your current system can be redistributed back into your library, giving you the full and complete background on all filings data throughout the years—even before SERFF existed.

Sounds too good to be true? We’re happy to report it’s not—and it’s simple to do too. Discover more about our different importing features:

Oracle Tracker Import

Once upon a time, Oracle Tracker was a product that had a 2-way API integration with SERFF—until Oracle decided to no longer support Tracker. This happened years ago, leaving companies who invested in this software high and dry, with non-SERFF filings and regular filings data lost in the digital abyss.

Luckily, we can import all types of filings, attachments, and any non-SERFF metadata into FilingRamp right next your active filings. This means companies now have the ability to have all their data and no longer need IT support for Tracker, which saves time, money and creates efficiency. It also gives companies the opportunity to finally say goodbye to Tracker once and for all!

Scanned Filings Import

It may be hard to believe, but SERFF has not been around forever. Once upon a time, insurance companies were mailing filings (That’s right, snail mail!) to the state insurance departments directly. Status updates involved calling the insurance departments directly and every filer’s best friend was a reliant copy machine. The states would then mail back stamped objection letters, approvals, and other correspondence via mail.

It was the companies responsibility to compile all of this paperwork to create a final version of the filing for their records. (Really makes you appreciate technology, doesn’t it?)

The catch is that many of the forms, rates, and rules in these pre-SERFF filings are still used today by the companies and they aren’t in PDF form either but instead are scanned as TIF.files.

FilingRamp can import these scanned filings and run OCR on them for search and indexing.

All the forms and rates/rules in the filings appear in the Library feature, so you can see your forms from the 80s right next to the forms you are filing today. What a time hop!

There is no longer any reason to be sitting on lost data. It’s time to spring clean and get that transferred. No muss or fuss either. FilingRamp can get it done simply and in the blink of an eye - and once it’s in FilingRamp, these previously hard-to-get filings and data will appear in our reporting, search, and library features just like all of your other filings.

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