Written by

Jeremy Battles

December 21, 2023

FilingRamp 2023 Year In Review

Written by

Jeremy Battles

December 21, 2023

The holidays are a fantastic time to take a step back and reflect. And as 2023 comes to a close, our team at FilingRamp has much to celebrate. In the past year, we’ve had countless successes, impactful growth, remarkable milestones, and memorable experiences that have taken our software and company  to an all new, never-before-seen level.

In short, we are grateful and proud of our work and the community that surrounds us.

Get the full scoop in our 2023 review below:


This year we’ve expanded our customer list and added both small and very large companies to our roster of who FilingRamp serves. And with more accounts on our hands, we grew our team to further support and serve. We added many new developers and talent to help us build on our momentum.

In addition, we’ve added many new (as well as further enhanced) features to our offerings and we definitely weren’t stagnant. We set a company record and attended 8 conferences. To meet customers, share demos, and chat with the community face-to-face is an experience we never take for granted, particularly after 2020—and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Milestones and Data

We reached new heights and have the numbers to prove it. Some notable milestones in 2023 included:

  • 100% uptime for 3rd year in a row

  • Maintained 0% churn rate

  • Over 10,000 filings submitted from FilingRamp in 2023

  • Nearly 90% of all our customers filings were submitted in FilingRamp versus SERFF

New Features

We were hard at work releasing new features to further expand FilingRamp’s offerings and capabilities and ensure our customers were enjoying a prime user experience on our software.

The largest update we’ve had as a company so far was the release of our Library v2, which includes:

  • SERFF Connection

  • Previous version linking

  • Word and PDF compare

  • Supports non-admitted forms

  • Bulk edit custom fields

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

We also released our Analytics feature which:

  • Observes productivity including number of filings submitted and average objection response time by filer

  • Identifies filing activity trends including # of approvals/disapprovals, number of objections, and total submitted fees

  • Predicts the review time of a filing project by state

  • Applies filters like TOI/sub-TOI, date range, and SERFF author/contact

  • Is fast and quite beautiful

And last but not least, we upped our communication functionality with our Reminders/Chat feature, which has:

  • Introduction of reminders throughout the app on things like objection letters, projects, and filings

  • Expansion of chat functionality throughout the application to foster collaboration right next to the data on things like countrywide filing projects, objection letters, and pretty much anything

  • Both reminders and chat are also part of the Teams and Slack integration, which has been very popular with customers

Big Updates

We listen to feedback and are always on our game to ensure that we further upgrade and improve upon what we’ve already built. So, we released a few updates in 2023 to keep our features in top shape.

New Landing Page:

  • Beautiful new look

  • Covers new features

  • Includes more detail on the FilingRamp’s background

  • Dedicated sections for blog and newsletters

New Home Page Dashboard:

  • Provides more details on the latest filing activity

  • Captures unread messages throughout the application

  • Provides a summary of all reminders related to objections, projects, and filings.

Updated Project Page:

  • Project report ends the days of manually tracking projects on spreadsheets

  • Provides status of all filings, forms, and rates/rules for a project


As we mentioned, we set a personal record in conferences attended as we continue to spread the word of FilingRamp via planes, trains, and automobiles.. The opportunity to speak with our customers and potential customers in person is invaluable and we are committed to ensuring we can every chance we get.

After all, nothing makes us more excited than the chance to demo our application to new people, see their reactions, and talk about the modernization of the filings process.

We attended:

  • Target Markets Mid-Year Conference (Boston)

  • Insurtech Insights (NYC)

  • AICP Mid-Atlantic E-Day Event (NYC)

  • AICP New England Chapter Summer Meeting (Sturbridge, MA)

  • Target Markets Annual Summit (Scottsdale)

  • AICP Annual Conference (Austin)

  • InsureTech Connect (Las Vegas)

  • Guidewire Connections (Nashville)

Amazing Customers

As you can see, we love meeting with our customers and are very interactive with them. We prioritize their needs and make all efforts to really listen. This is a principal of ours, so we:

  • Jump on regular calls to go over ideas on how to improve the application and make our customers’ job easier

  • Demo new features

  • Just listen to their experiences in using FilingRamp

Their ideas, suggestions, and even complaints help drive us—we’re determined to make everyone a happy FilingRamp user. Again, we are very grateful for the FilingRamp community and take their experiences to heart.

Upcoming features

You guessed it—we aren’t stopping! We know next year’s Year in Review will be even more full and here is what we have up our sleeve to get a head start!

Ramp Drive

  • Set up new projects and easily upload files into filings and objection responses

  • Retire old network drives while maintaining old folder structure

  • Search all folders and files

  • Supports all file types

  • Import competitor forms do PDF or Word comparisons using FilingRamp’s Draftable integration

  • Coming out in early 2024

AI Assistant

  • Learning from company’s own historical data including filings, objection/response history and proprietary forms and rates;

  • It will include semantic search, which will let companies ask questions about its own data and provide feedback on how helpful the search results were, which will further improve the AI Assistant.

  • Our users will be able to retain their company’s intelligence as a new employee will be able leverage the work done by a past employee who worked at the company for 20+ years.


To sum it up, we’ve been busy. We have been moving at lightning speed—but happily in the right direction. We are very proud of all we’ve accomplished this year and excited for all that is to come!

Our gratitude for every customer and employee is boundless and as we gear up for another great year together, we wish everyone a fantastic holiday season and a wonderful new year!

To an even bigger, brighter, better 2024! Cheers!

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