Powerful features to get your products to market faster.

At FilingRamp, we understand the many pain points the insurance industry experiences not only during the filing process - but also before and after. That's why we’re offering a growing list of features that expand outward from the filing process while providing them in a user-friendly interface designed to empower insurance companies like yours.

Blazing fast search.

Get instant results on any search of your data or PDF attachments with the ability to search across different entities including filings, the Library, circulars, objections, and chat.

Secure, unlimited storage.

Stores all of your filings, attachments, and metadata in the cloud. When a state deletes your filings from SERFF, they are not deleted from FilingRamp.

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Chat and Reminders

Users can mention others on a filing or an objection letter to ask a question or request an update and keep things moving. Reminders can be created for one or more people on filings and objection letters, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks and no deadlines are missed.

Includes features
that help you keep momentum.

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In-sync with SERFF

Fully integrated with SERFF’s 2-way API allowing real-time updates on filings and the ability to prepare and submit filings and objection responses faster.

API and Webhooks

Share filing data and provide live project updates to your partners or other software your company uses through FilingRamp’s RESTful API and webhooks.


Ramp Drive

Retire old servers and upload all of your company’s files into our Drive while maintaining the current folder structure. All files and data are stored in the cloud and are indexed and searchable.



Gain valuable insights with our analytics feature to see trends in things such as number of filings submitted, average objection response time, and number of days from submission to approval by state, line, date range, individual filer, and more.


Share Filings

Share filings or entire projects with your partners, such as MGAs, across FilingRamp accounts. The account that has a filing shared with them will be able to organize it and apply their own custom data without affecting the same filing data in the parent account.


AI Assist

Use AI models trained on company and industry data in order to improve product development and objection responses - leading to faster time to market.



Users can be assigned various roles or account admins can create specific, custom roles for their users to ensure that they only see the filings they need or want to see and can only use the features they’re supposed to.


Integrates with the software you already use.


Slack & Teams

Get notifications and updates in the messaging platform of your choice.


Verisk Mozart

Automatically file your insurance forms with Verisk Mozart.

Take it for a spin. Really.

Schedule a demo with our CEO and CTO, Jeremy Battles and Tom Johnson, to see FilingRamp’s innovative software in action.