Written by

Jeremy Battles

October 10, 2023

Our Quarterly Newsletter - Q3 2023

Our Quarterly Newsletter - Q3 2023

Written by

Jeremy Battles

October 10, 2023

Changes Fit for a New Season

Summertime is winding down, but we sure aren't! As we welcome a new season, we recognize all the hard work put in the last quarter. Q3 ended with the biggest release in FilingRamp’s history—our refactored Library. We are so proud of the result and all the other changes we've welcomed recently. Check it out below!

The Scoop on our Library v2 

To say that FilingRamp’s refactored Library v2 is an update to the old Library is a big understatement. The expanded functionality applicable to a company’s forms and rates/rules include:

  • Previous version linking

  • Ability to add non-PDF file types

  • Blazing fast search with unlimited filters

  • Customizable by user

  • Bulk upload of non-admitted forms

  • Compare PDF and Word files integration

In addition to all that, it still is, of course, connected to the SERFF API, which allows a company's library of available forms and rates/rules to update in real-time with no manual updating. On top of all that, the Reporting ability has expanded to include CSV (JSON coming soon) and zip.file all the applicable files. Best part? The FilingRamp’s API enables companies to connect their Library with other software they already use. It's capabilities and convenience are unmatched—and a shining contribution to FilingRamp offerings.

Additional Q3 Releases

You know about the refactored Library v2 already, but that’s not the only big release this quarter:

Ramp Drive

  • Retire old servers and upload all of your company’s files

  • Maintain current folder structure

  • Stored in the cloud

  • All files and data are indexed and searchable

  • Set-up new filing projects in FilingRamp and import files from the Drive to things like Filing Drafts and Objection Responses

  • Industry data compare to be made available via opt-in option


  • Set-up reminders on any filing or objection letter page in the application.

  • Add teammates on the reminders so that they do things like get a response into the state when you’re on vacation.

  • In addition to notifications within FilingRamp, users can elect to have reminders arrive via email too.

  • Part of the MS Teams and Slack integrations.


Gain valuable insights with our analytics feature to see trends in things such as:

  • Number of filings submitted

  • Average objection response time

  • Number of days from submission to approval by state

  • Dozens of filters such as TOI/Sub-TOI, filer, reviewer, and Ramp Product/Project

See what we mean? It's been busy around here as we work hard to updated, improve, innovate, and enhance the full experience of filings and bringing products to market faster.

We are proud to share...

FilingRamp Integrates with Draftable

SERFF recently released a compare file integration with Draftable, which allowed a filer to compare 2 PDFs in the same filing. It was a great enhancement that would definitely come in handy for providing states with things like redlines. Around the same time, FilingRamp also integrated with Draftable, but we broadened the integration in a few key ways: -The comparison is not limited PDF files, but also lets you compare Word versions -You can compare any 2 PDF or Word files anywhere in the FilingRamp application, not just the same filing. This includes filings, the Library, Ramp Drive, and more -Generated redlines can be saved in Ramp Drive and then uploaded to a filing

We Listen to Our Customers

We constantly get on calls with our customers to get their feedback—both positive and critical. We truly believe their feedback makes FilingRamp better and approach all conversations with an open mind. Based on that feedback, we’ve introduced additional enhancements to improve  the FilingRamp user experience. They include:

  • Locked workspaces and Product/Project type filters to help get to the filings you’re looking for faster

  • New look header that provides more space for things like Chat, Reminders, and Document Compare while also keeping the search bar and project info locked at the top when you scroll down

  • Bulk entry of fields within the Form and Rate/Rule Schedules within Filing Drafts

  • CSV Download of all users

  • Enhanced details regarding user usage/login

A Glimpse of What's Headed Your Way

We aren’t stopping!

We have so much heading down the pipeline that we can’t wait to share. We are really upping our tech and bringing AI into the mix, for instance. Not to mention, we are adding even more filing capabilities. Get ready:

AI Assist

Use AI models trained on company and industry data in order to improve objection responses - leading to faster time to market.

Expanded Roles

We’re designing more visual control for our users so you can determine which filings and features your users can see and what filings you can share with other accounts such as MGAs. Enhanced Cloning

The overwhelming majority of our customers' filings are submitted from FilingRamp. As a result, we’ve rounded some great customer feedback on where some cloning/import enhancements can be made to make the filing process

Conference Recap AICP New England Chapter Summer Meeting Recap

FilingRamp is not just a software company full of developers, CEO, Jeremy Battles, has over 23 years of experience in the insurance regulation field. That’s why he was particularly excited when FilingRamp was an exhibitor at the AICP New England Chapter Summer Meeting in  Sturbridge, MA  on August 23, 2023. Not only was able to meet new people and talk about and demo FilingRamp, he was able to listen in on the meeting agenda, which included many interesting topics and emerging trends in the industry. We were so excited that we were the first ones there actually! 

The best part—we were able to meet many a bunch of our customers in-person for the first time.

Upcoming Events

We’re packing out bags and out on the road quite a bit this fall. We look forward to chatting in person so please keep a lookout for.

  • Target Markets: Scottsdale, AZ | October 16-18, 2023

  • AICP: Austin, TX | October 29-November 1, 2023

  • Isuretech Connect: Las Vegas | October 31-November 2, 2023

  • Guidewire Connections: Nashville, TN | November 12-15, 2023

When you schedule a FilingRamp demo with our team, you receive a full demo or current in-production functionality. In addition, you’ll:

  • See in-development features

  • Learn about upcoming integrations

  • Meet Jeremy and Tom, two nerdy guys who are passionate about solving insurance compliance inefficiencies with modern software

Want to just dip your toes in first? We’re always up for a quick informative call too. Get in touch today!

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