Written by

Jeremy Battles

July 11, 2023

Our Quarterly Newsletter - Q2 2023

Our Quarterly Newsletter - Q2 2023

Written by

Jeremy Battles

July 11, 2023

We're Heating Up

Summer is here and the sun is shining, but the weather isn't the only thing heating up. Over at FilingRamp, we are on fire with an agenda full of events, new releases—like our updated landing page!—and much more. Check it out.

A New Look for Our Landing Page 

First impressions can be lasting, so we elevated the look, feel, and format of our landing page to really showcase our offerings, integrations, and mission. Check it out.

Import Your Scanned Filings and Drastically Improve Your Records

Once upon a time, the filing industry actually didn't have SERFF. (Hard to imagine now, right?) Back then, things were done "old school" with processes that include all correspondence via snail mail and copy machines. Those days are long gone, but the data gathered from them is not. Much of the historical knowledge is usually archived, and not easily accessed, as they are saved in tif files.

Queue FilingRamp. We can actually scan these filings and run OCR on them for search and indexing. That means we are capable of taking that impossible, "will get to it one day" task off your hands and enhancing your database with valuable historical insights. All the forms and rates/rules in the filings appear in the Library feature, so you can see your forms from the ‘80s right next to the forms you are filing today. What a time hop! So you may have missed the spring cleaning, but that summer cleaning is here for you to try out. Contact us to get started.

Summer Makeover: Our New Dashboard

Our dashboard has been revamped! We have added more functionalities and features to ensure our customers have less on their to-do lists. You can now:

  • Access more updates and more data on the dashboard for further transparency

  • Receive notifications on tasks where you are mentioned to respond quickly

  • Communicate easier with our new Reminders feature

And don't forget, our Reminders feature can be added to any page and be sent through email or Microsoft Teams, if you have it, for simple, fast communication. We wanted to make sure FilingRamp offered the best experience for teams to connect—with less back and forth. Plus, with our updates, additional data, and notifications, there is simply no need for anything to fall through the cracks. Get in touch to learn more about it today!

Expanding Our FootPrint: Guidewire's Latest Solution Partner

We're thrilled to share that we've teamed up with Guidewire as their solution partners. This integration will help insurers using Guidewire receive approval of filings and share details of approval forms and rates.

Discover What's to Come

There is never a dull moment around here! We have a lot on the horizon and we're thrilled to share it.

AI Assist

Use AI models trained on company and industry data in order to improve objection responses—leading to faster time to market.


Gain valuable insights with our analytics feature to see trends in things such as:

  • Number of filings submitted

  • Average objection response time

  • Number of days from submission to approval by state

  • Dozens of filters such as TOI/Sub-TOI, filer, reviewer, and Ramp Product/Project

  • Industry data compare to be made available via opt-in option

Library version 2

The refactored Library is almost here and will include the following functionality:

  • Word versions

  • Override SERFF data

  • Cloning functionality

  • Previous version linking

  • Bulk entry of custom data

  • CSV/JSON export

Ramp Drive

  • Retire old servers and upload all of your company’s files

  • Maintain current folder structure

  • Stored in the cloud

  • All files and data are indexed and searchable

  • Connected to other FilingRamp features such as filing drafts and responses

Compare Files Feature

  • In-app integration allows user to compare any 2 PDF or Word files

  • Comparisons can be made across the entire app, not just within the same filing

  • Generated redlines can be saved in Ramp Drive and then uploaded to a filing

Expanded Roles

We’re designing more visual control for our users so you can determine which filings and features your users can see and what filings you can share with other accounts such as MGAs.

Conference Recap

The second quarter allowed FilingRamp to get out and connect in-person with the insurance industry at a couple of excellent conferences. In early May, FilingRamp attended the Target Markets (TMPAA) Mid-Year Conference in Boston for the second year in a row! It allowed us to not only chat with the many, many FilingRamp carrier customers in attendance, but to also connect with MGAs and discuss FilingRamp’s upcoming “Share Filings” feature. As a NYC company, FilingRamp kept things local and attended the Insurtech Insights conference at the Javits Center in Manhattan, in early June. The attendees at this conference couldn’t be more different than the carrier/agency dynamic of Target Markets. As the name would suggest, Insurtech Insights was full of exciting insurtech service providers offering a glimpse of the tools that insurance companies will need in a rapidly changing industry. Meanwhile, outside of the conference, the sky was a Mars-like orange color, which seemed to be fitting for a conference that focused on the future of insurance where the buzz words were APIs, analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Upcoming Events

We're gearing up for our next events and we can't wait to see you there! Be sure to stop by, see a demo, or just chat about the industry's latest.

AICP New England Chapter Summer Meeting:  Sturbridge, MA | August 23, 2023 Target Markets: Scottsdale, AZ | October 16-18, 2023 AICP: Austin, TX | October 29-November 1, 2023 Insuretech Connect: Las Vegas | October 31-November 2, 2023 Guidewire Connections: Nashville, TN | November 12-15, 2023

When you schedule a FilingRamp demo with our team, you receive a full demo or current in-production functionality. In addition, you’ll:

  • See in-development features

  • Learn about upcoming integrations

  • Meet Jeremy and Tom, two nerdy guys who are passionate about solving insurance compliance inefficiencies with modern software

Want to just dip your toes in first? We’re always up for a quick informative call too. Get in touch today!