Written by

Jeremy Battles

April 04, 2024

Our Quarterly Newsletter - Q1 2024

Our Quarterly Newsletter - Q1 2024

Written by

Jeremy Battles

April 04, 2024

We’re Springing Forward

This winter was a cold one but no matter the temperature outside, we’re still heating up over here at Filingramp. With spring a hop and a skip away, we are thrilled to touch base and send you a recap of all the awesome updates, releases, and changes we have going on. Read the latest:

We’re an AICP Innovative Sponsor! 

The FilingRamp team is excited to be an AICP Innovative Sponsor this year. This means we will be showing up to quite a few more conferences this spring and we’re excited to see you in person and continue to share everything FilingRamp offers—and what’s coming up too.

FilingRamp attends many different conferences in the insurance industry, but the AICP audience is definitely our sweet spot. We love talking with both industry and regulator folks about all things filings-related and especially love to show what we’re up to at FilingRamp and get their reactions and feedback in-person.

New Roles Feature = Many More FilingRamp Users

FilingRamp released a huge “Roles” enhancement feature. Account Admins can now create, name, and assign customizable roles to their team members through the Admin Dashboard.

When creating a role, Account Admins choose what features within FilingRamp should be accessible to a role and assign a custom name to the role (e.g., “P&C Actuary”). Created roles can then be assigned individually or in bulk to your company’s existing FilingRamp users. Access to each feature can be “Read/Write”, “Read Only”, or “No Access”.

This feature has resulted in a notable increase in the number of users across the platform as customers can bring on additional staff and control what they can see and do.

Right Around the Corner - Ramp Drive

The Ramp Drive feature has been turned on in beta for a few customers already and will be available for all customers in Q2. The Ramp Drive feature allows users to store files in FilingRamp, in the cloud. Companies can retire network drives and upload historical data and retain any existing folder structure. Once in the Ramp Drive, a company’s files are searchable and be uploaded into filings, the Library v2, and more.

It includes PDF and Word file comparison functionality, which allows companies to create redlines of their or a competitor’s forms and rates/rules.

Even better, it will be integrated with Microsoft 365 this spring/summer to open up product development work within FilingRamp.

We’ve got big plans at FilingRamp and this feature factors into a lot of them!

We’re Going Back to School!

We are pleased to share that our CEO, Jeremy Battles, will be a speaker at AICP’s Mastering the Mysteries: Product Rate, Rule, and Form Filing School in Indianapolis on April 11th and 12th. Jeremy will be teaching the P&C portion of the “Life Cycle of a Filing” class to where he’ll cover:

  • Product Development

  • Form and Rate Support

  • Filing Preparation and Submission

  • Objection Handling

  • Regulator Follow-up

and so much more!

Upcoming Feature Alert - Semantic Search

FilingRamp has a number of exciting AI Assist features in development with the first coming this summer, Semantic Search. Semantic Search harnesses artificial intelligence to inform data navigation with the context and meaning behind a user’s search terms. Instead of matching keywords like most search functions, with this new feature, users can now match the semantic meaning of their questions to that of their data. While keyword search is still useful, Semantic Search allows users to have what feels like a human mind sift through their data and locate sections within that are contextually relevant to their search query.

The logic behind this exciting new technology is complex, but, to put it simply, the meaning of a sentence or word within a user’s data is captured by thousands of specific numbers, called vectors. Artificial intelligence then uses these vectors to locate other sections of text that have similar vectors and, by extension, similar meanings.

Users will be able to use filters and search for concepts like "Defense Within Limits", "Prohibited Exclusions in Vermont", or "Extended Reporting Period" and return all the sections from the filing data that are most semantically related to the entered concept.

Upcoming Events

Spring isn’t usually this busy when it comes to conferences, but we’re all over the country this season! Be sure to say hi if you attending any of the following events this spring:

  • April 11-12 - AICP Filing School (Indianapolis) Exhibitor, Presenter/teacher

  • May 7 - AICP New England Chapter E-Day (Worcester, MA) Exhibitor

  • May 13-15 - Target Markets Mid-Year Meeting (Tampa) Exhibitor

  • June 3 - AICP Mid-Atlantic Chapter E-Day (NYC) Exhibitor

  • June 5-6 - Insurtech Insights (NYC)

When you schedule a FilingRamp demo with our team, you receive a full demo or current in-production functionality. In addition, you’ll:

  • See in-development features

  • Learn about upcoming integrations

  • Meet Jeremy and Tom, two nerdy guys who are passionate about solving insurance compliance inefficiencies with modern software

Want to just dip your toes in first? We’re always up for a quick informative call too. Get in touch today!

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